EDEN’s “Sex” Feels Like the Feverish Love of Adolescence

A little bit dangerous, but you can’t stop yourself.

The pursuit of sexiness with MTV's Sasheer Zamata

Did you know Japanese virgins are better for your heart than mistresses?

Scantily clad with Miss Trixie Little

Burlesque makes us feel like fancy perverts.

MTV's Hey Girl, JC Coccoli

We wondered if anyone would get a "choppin' Coccoli" reference?

Sexy single dads and cartoons with Ashley Albert

Tiffany Blum-Deckler joins us for some scintillating burn-victim advice.

Graphic fluffing with novelist Fred Chao

The Johnny Hiro author knows how to get busy in a Burger King bathroom.

Talking anuses with Tami Sagher, writer/producer of How I Met Your Mother

And it's all in the holiday spirit!

Opening up with Opus Moreschi

Jumping into the sack with the head writer at The Colbert Report.

Dave Hill has a breast fetish

And dishes on Mick Jagger and David Bowie's scandalous relationship.

Memorial Day in the Age of Metta World Peace

A search for meaning within a mis-Tweet.

Gettin' aroused at Afu-Ra

Swirly neons, O faces, Drew Barrymore, and other adventures in New York Nightlife.

6 reasons you should have sex on the first date

Reasons: plentiful. Reasons not to: insignificant.

Having sex while living back home with your parents

You’ll spend a lot of time in hotels.

Why no one is getting laid

My brain: 1. My penis: 0.

The time a boy pretended to have Lyme Disease to avoid hooking up with me

It causes me to have severe body aches.


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