Week in Pop: C-SAN, Chippy Nonstop, Kodacrome, Magmana

Truths from a True Achiever, rolling with #YUNGKLOUTGANG, arpeggiated synth-pop, & witchy-worlds.

Pictureplane, Shams, and Dunes at Apostrophe

Apostrophe in Bushwick has performances from Pictureplane and others.

My favorite videos of musicians on daytime television

It's not often Ricki Lake gets us thinking.

Xprez Yourself: Peter Burr's “Special Effect” on the Museum of the Moving Image

Institutionalized art-music-vid-alien mash-ups for the psychotropic generation.

Premiere: DUBAI, “Unsaid”

Exploring the brutality of NYC's worst buildings.

Premiere: SHAMS and DJ Dog Dick in Alaska

Always is the winter of their discontent.

SHAMS and DJ Dog Dick in Alaska Trailer

Anchorage as the last psychic frontier.

Opening weekend on Cruise Corp

A variety of parties, reviewed.

Salem at Santos Party House

Another Teeth Mountain Sham?

Teeth Mountain and Shams keep the TV carnage alive with an onstage brawl. The blood was real, but was the fight?

Teeth Mountain, Shams, Narwahlz on Judge Judy

Throwin' TV sets, killin' cats.

2 nights in Juiceboxxx!

That was hot.

Whartscape 2009, Sunday night

Lylith Fare: Wham City Is Real

With DJ Dogdick, Teenage Souls, Mark Brown, Drew Swineburn, Lesser Gonzales Alvarez, The Creepers, Ana Lola Roman, Shams, Ed Schrader, Santa Dads


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