Shea Stadium

Most Excellent Images 2015

Our Best of 2015 photos coverage comes to an end with this Most Excellent images gallery.

Best of Underground America 2015

For this gallery, we celebrate the best images taken at underground shows across the US.

Long Beard, Fraternal Twin, Furnsss, and Old Maybe at Shea Stadium

A post Christmas show at Shea featuring Long Beard, Fraternal Twin, Furnsss, and Old Maybe.

SMHOAKSTOCK 5 at Shea Stadium

Smhoak Mosheein gathered many friends to take over Shea Stadium for 24 hours for the fifth edition of SMHOAKSTOCK.

The Ordeals, Bob Carol Ted, Specific Thing, Dan Francia, and Amar Lal at Shea Stadium

ECB&B celebrates the release of new music during a holiday weekend.

Future Punx, Parlor Walls, Dead Waves, and Heavy Birds at Shea Stadium

Parlor Walls release Cut and celebrate with Future Punx, Dead Waves & Heavy Birds.

Low Fat Getting High, Chris Gethard, Mike Dobbins, and more at Shea Stadium

Bald Afro, Milo, PremRock, Curly Castro, and more at Shea Stadium

Celebrating the release of Bald Afro’s record with sets by Milo, Big Breakfast, and more.

Slothrust, PWR BTTM, and Winstons at Shea Stadium

Slothrust performed their first headlining show in while with PWR BTTM and Winstons at Shea over the weekend.

Weekend at Bernie’s: Guerilla Toss, Mannequin Pussy, and more at Shea Stadium

Raising funds for the Brooklyn born Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in his hometown.

Fern Mayo, Washer, Arm Candy, and Peaer at Shea Stadium

Fern Mayo are Happy Forever with fellow bands at Shea Stadium.

Heaven’s Gate, Palberta, Sleepies, and B Boys at Shea Stadium

Heaven’s Gate’s Woman At Night is out now on Dull Tools Records.

Dazzletine, Railings, Terrible Terrible, and The Rizzos at Shea Stadium

Pittsburgh’s Dazzletine brought the glitter and glam to Shea Stadium last week.

Howth, Good Buddy, and Kinsey at Shea Stadium

Howth returned to Shea Stadium earlier this month.

Titus Andronicus at Shea Stadium

Titus Andronicus release their most ambitious record yet and celebrate with a 5 night run at Shea Stadium.

Shea Stadium

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