Shlohmo, “Later”

Henry Laufer meets himself in the middle of his live set and former records.

Week in Pop: Angel Haze x Lunice, Fat Tony & Tom Cruz, Irvin Dally, Teen Mom

Grab your #seapunk ponchos and brace yourself for this week's wet and wild hits.

Anticon youth-enizes the roster

Remixing Sigur Ros and remixing the label with fresh babes.

Shlohmo sexes up Jeremih's “F*ck You All The Time”

A remix that brings to mind dystopian futures and android girlfriends programmed for sex.

Week in Pop: Ethan Daniel Davidson, Roc Marciano, Social Studies

Exploring the floral and tending to the gardens of pop.

Ryan Hemsworth, “Charly Wingate”

In the sea of rap the producers are manning the helm.

LOL Boys, “Changes” (Shlohmo Remix)

If Kitty Pryde loves it, then it's the song of the summer, right?

Week in Pop: Bam Spacey, Capital STEEZ, Shmu

Trekking the astral plane and cosmos for pop nuggets.

Week in Pop: Danny Brown, Grass Widow, Howse

Gathering up the all the week's bytes and discs in one convenient location.

Shlohmo is one generous dude

The EP is brief. Consider the free shit proper compensation.

Milo, I Wish My Brother Rob Was Here

Wise beyond his youth with a fine taste in LA glitch beats and 90's rap references.

Shlohmo's downtempo acoustics

If people are saying vibes again, we've got the album most-deserving of the title.

Tri Angle Records showcase, SF at 103 Harriet

Tri Angle heavyweights put on a showcase in SF

Shlohmo announces LP + rap remixes

The record he dropped out of college to make, a decision that earned him the name.

The best music of March 2011

It was a good month to tune in.


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