sic alps

Pruno Truman, “I Want More of You”

Space echoplex vocals from San Francisco's songstress légionnaire of honor.

Week in Pop: Beacon, HOTT MT, Jahzel, Richie, Steel Phantoms, Taught Abroad, We Are Temporary

Prayers for pop music, anecdotes from Queen Ashi Dala, sermons from Reverend Jahzel, + more.

Week in Pop: Airbird & Napolian, pacificUV, Rainbow Chan

Your weekly compendium of insights, responses, and words on the newest media.

Noise Pop 2013: Day 3

We get a little ambitious in going to 6 shows in one night.

Sic Alps, Endless Boogie and Call of the Wild at Ran Tea House

CA's Sic Alps perform a late night set at a tea house on 10/27.

The Best Music of September 2012

September indecision 2012 overridden by excellence from garage/lo-fi/mic gripping vets.

Mike Donovan of Sic Alps

Turning nah-nah-nahs into song lyrics and catching the Ty Segall virus.

Week in Pop: Main Attrakionz & DaVinci, New Animal, Young Gully & Shady Blaze

Your Labor Day weekend just got pop-ularized.

Sic Alps, “Glyphs”

As American as garage rock, smoke bombs, and scare crows gets.

Week in Pop: DubbleOO, Erika Spring, Seatraffic

Madonna is weird, so turn your head towards this week's other attention grabbers.

Interview: Sic Alps on Tronics

Mike found love and London calling in Tronics.

Electric Temple's Ceremony for Japan

Making noise to help the relief effort.

Going to a horse race with Sic Alps

Bay Area trio bets away its fortunes, discusses Drag City debut, takes turns drumming.

Skanks, Magik Markers, Lollipops on denim sticks

Chris Brown, H. Potter's dick, McRib locator

sic alps

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