Amanda X, Amnesia

Resisting the urge to call it “an album you won’t soon forget.”

Week in Pop: Chains of Love, Happy Noose, Indyns

Discussions, exclusives, with support from The Landing, and others.

Far-Out Fangtooth's Top 10 influential songs

Five 60's psych songs(1960-69)and five post-punk songs(1980-89).

Week in Pop: Audacity, Blac Hollywood, Brandon Nickell, The Cloak Ox, Dazzletine, Little Band of Sailors

Fullerton reports, Vancouver vibes, memory art, Andrew Broder, P-burgh glam, & Rachel Mason's world.

Everyone's favorite hobby band, The Mantles

A San Francisco band that's lessening the blow of being called amateur.

Rod Meyer of Eat Skull

Divorces and vitamin D deficiencies in Portland inform Eat Skull's least mean-spirited album.

Eat Skull, “How Do I Know When To Say Goodnight?”

Three years is a long time to wait, but Eat Skull have an opus on their hands.

Brisbane's Bedroom Suck Records

Fuck it. Let's all move to Australia and get barista jobs.

Cult of Youth's Record Release Party

At Public Assembly with Pink Reason, Pharmakon, and Zatuson.

The filth, fury, grit and grime of Slug Guts

Breaking bread and breaking bad with Australia's Slug Guts

Far-Out Fangtooth, The Thorns

Unnerving dread from Philadelphia four piece.

Brisbane, Australia's “Blank Realm”

Jangly, cheery atonalisms to win you over.

The Dead C, “Hell Is Now Love”

If you worship Sonic Youth, but have never heard of Siltbreeze Records, brush up homies.

The Mantles are less scuzzy

Teenage Panzerkorps make the world smaller


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