slug guts

5 Questions with Prolife

A Melbourne-based industrial offshoot from Slug Guts.

Underground America 2012

Highlighting the best of the photos from underground shows we went to in 2012.

2012 Festivals and Hype

Our best photos taken at festivals in 2012.

Brisbane's Bedroom Suck Records

Fuck it. Let's all move to Australia and get barista jobs.

Slug Guts, Cult of Youth and Soren at Home Sweet Home

Dark and Spooky at WIERD as always.

Gonerfest 2012: Day 1

Gonerfest 9 happened and it was rad. Here are photos from the first day.

One Weekend in Chicago

Our photographer catches a bunch of bands in one weekend. We salute him.

The Best Music of August 2012

A toast to longevity, to feeling good, and to the reckless youth who keep us on our toes.

Week in Pop: Agent Ribbons, Has-Lo, King Dude

Better than Sizzler's all-you-can-eat shrimp special; here's this week's pop poster of stars.

The filth, fury, grit and grime of Slug Guts

Breaking bread and breaking bad with Australia's Slug Guts

Goner Fest Lineup Announced

Tennessee crunkin' with a bit of that funkin'!

Week in Pop: DubbleOO, Erika Spring, Seatraffic

Madonna is weird, so turn your head towards this week's other attention grabbers.

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