Best of Shot by the Band 2015

We posted 51 galleries by bands this year. Here are some of the best photos from those sets.

The Best Albums of 2015

75 records that captured our hearts and demanded our attention.

Upset, “Away”

Life on the road with the pop-punk charmers.

Zero Pop-Punk Shame: Upset’s Ali Koehler

The trappings and joys of fandom.

The Myth of the Band

A roundtable on band narratives, persona, and perceived authenticity orchestrated by Littler’s Madeline Meyer.

Riot Grill Festival 2015

A festival featuring music, food, and comedy for LGBT rights is a very rad thing.

Pouty, Take Me To Honey Island

A collection of demos from one-half of Slutever.

Slutever became almost famous

Slutever drive all over the west coast and document their adventure with disposable cameras.

The Best Music of 2015 (So Far)

The most exciting new music our contributors have heard this year.

Slutever is Almost Famous

Stream the newest EP by the Los Angeles duo.

Colleen Green, “TV”

Flip through the channels of Colleen Green’s colorful, caricatured world.

Eric plays Spice Girls Demos!

Yes, he really does.

Slutever, “Open Wide”

Nobody captures the two-headed anxiety of young adulthood like Slutever.

Eric plays the hits

Well, they’re not hits yet, but they will be, dammit!

Slutever, “Smother”

A pink-rock sound as cheeky and aggressive as a glitter bomb.


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