talk normal

Day 3 + 4: Scotland in photos

WFMU was in the house.

Day 2: Manchester

Where Black Sabbath crosses meets Madina Lake.

Day 1: Birmingham

I learn how to drive left-handed and we meet Wire.

Monster Island Requiem

Weekend and Talk Normal touring together in the Fall

A match made in skronking rawk heaven.

Talk Normal, “Transmission Lost”

A video full of ego. Mine.

Free Love II

Love stinks. Download these aromatic mixes from very special guests.

Talk Normal split with Shearing Pinx

The ladies channel their inner shamans.

Buke & Gass + Talk Normal

Dueling duos.

Lower Dens, Talk Normal split cassette

Yes, it says what you think it says.

Whartscape 2010: Sunday

Rain did not ruin everything.

Sonic Youth at Prospect Park

Free Love

Valentines mixtapes from Future Islands, Talk Normal, Wet Hair, Aa, Total Slacker, Pwrfl Pwr, Dinowalrus, Visions of Trees, Bluebrain, Boogie Boarder, and why not PopJew?

Who wants to win 75 new releases at once?

This retardedly huge hand out amounts to something in the ballpark of 75 pieces of vinyl, cassette, and CD, from the 75 artists represented in our Best of 2009 and Best of 2010 lists.


Our favorite live shots of 2009. Incidentally, also our favorite live acts.

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