tao lin

That New New In Lit: October

Some alt lit reading for when you can’t turn off the lights this scary movie season.

(Almost) A to Z with Mira Gonzalez

She loves Crocs and hates gerbils.

All Ages Press announces first zine

Spreading smaller town vibes with good cheer and limited edition cassettes.

That New New in Lit: August

Let lit sustain you through the dog days of summer.

That New New In Lit: Nov/Dec

Get your brain out of the deep web and into these pages.

Illuminati Bubble Bath That Turns Your Bath Water Black

Steve Roggenbuck made me forget that drugs exist.

Beer And A Record: Days by Real Estate

Two dudes, some beer, and the new Real Estate.

The Tao Lin 'New Novel' Hype

An 'exclusive' question to end the silence.

Is Tao legit now?

Tao Lin gets an agent.

What to read (right now) XVIII: Megan Boyle Edition

She's having problems with the Internet.

How addicted to drugs is Tao Lin?

Very, according to HRO commenters.

Q&A: Pirooz Kalayeh, director of Shoplifting from American Apparel

On turning Tao Lin's book into a movie.

Favorite books of 2010

Can we count Faulkner?

Franzen has Time, Tao has The Stranger

One gets Oprah. One gets caught for shoplifting.

Quick Questions with Tao Lin

Asking the tough questions. Plus some excerpts.

tao lin

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