the alchemist

Jonwayne, “Good Samaritans” (feat. Samiyam)

Doing dirt with some of LA’s finest producers.

Meow The Jewels meow purrrr rawwr

Meow meow meow, purrrrr, meow.

Week in Pop: Ablebody, The Coasts, Pink Mountaintops, Tomboy

With The Darcys, PHOX, & more.

Week in Pop: Aunt Dracula, Brett, Dub Thompson, The Other Bones

With Walking Shapes, Young Boy, & more.

The Alchemist, “Diagnosis” (feat. Action Bronson)

A collaboration soundscape with DRx inspired by Coca-Cola.

A Dog's eye view of A3C

NOVA rap label Man Bites Dog heads to Atlanta for A3C 2013.

Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire, “Orbz”

A.k.a. some wise quote Drake never said.

Samiyam, “Snakes On The Moon”

Enough is enough with these M-Fin' snakes on the M-Fin' moon!

Quelle Chris, “Super Fuck”

The Detroit rapper handles the rhymes, the production, and the concept with ease.

Best free music of 2012

The best mixtapes and digital drops of the year.

The Best Music of November 2012

The Last Call month to be on year end lists was a photo finish.

10 reasons we fuck with Rare Chandeliers

We'll give you a hint: None of them are Action Bronson saying "It's me".

Mass Appeal Showcase featuring Asher Roth at Gramercy Theatre

This line up is insane and why CMJ is still pretty damn awesome.

Complex Judgment Night

In the battle of hip hop vs. rock, we think that the former won last Thursday night.

Action Bronson, “The Symbol”

See Bronson gun.

the alchemist

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