the epoch

Frankie Cosmos, Eskimeaux, and Yowler at Market Hotel

Spend your Sunday with friends.

The Hotelier, Told Slant, and Bellows to tour together

Two Epochs and a Tiny Engine hit the road.

The Best Labels of 2015

Recognizing the people who invest in the music we love.

Florist, Holdly

Still anticipating the full-length, we get a sneak peak at what’s to come.

Eskimeaux to reissue Two Mountains

Stream Gabrielle Smith’s 2011 LP.

Eskimeaux at Silent Barn

Our new video series explores the stories behind the songs.

Bellows’ May 5-12 Tracks Are Now Collected on Bandcamp

Imperfect, impermanent, incomplete, and beautiful.

Week in Pop: bAd bAd, The Hussy, LACES, Máscaras

featuring +Aziz, D. Wing, Michael Stasis, guest selections by Yours Are The Only Ears.

Is it O.K.?

Gabrielle Smith’s sprawling, seven-year path as Eskimeaux.

Watch Bellows perform live on NPR’s Tiny Desk

Performing three songs in the most intimate of settings.

Week in Pop: Ed-Ape, Small Wigs, Tired Light

Chris Connelly, Ducktails, Flesh World, Mammút, The Sandwitches, guest selections by Bellows.

The Epoch and friends are sharing new songs every day from May 5 to 12

Do cool stuff every day.

Stream eskimeaux’s O.K. in full

The Double Double Whammy full-length is out next week.

Eskimeaux explains band name

Spoiler alert: it’s a reference to Gabby Smith’s eskimo heritage.

Eskimeaux, “I Admit I’m Scared”

Through anxiety, brightly.

the epoch

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