the epoch

Week in Pop: ACTORS, Landshapes, Macajey, New God, Volcanic Legacy

Wilder Maker, Hazel Rose, Indian Wells, No Joy, NoMBe, Work Drugs, co-curated by Sharpless.

Week in Pop: El Hollín, Paperhaus, The Splits, ZEMA

AJ Pantaleo, Algiers, Inner Islands, co-curated by Small Wonder.

Eskimeaux, “Broken Necks”

The Epoch’s latest proves there is strength in numbers.

Bellows and Sharpless announce tour

The Epoch on the East Coast.

eskimeaux, Bellows, and Florist at Lincoln Center

The community known as The Epoch take over Lincoln Center for an evening for a screening and performances.

Watch a documentary about The Epoch

Directed by Richard Gin.

The Epoch announce Lincoln Center event

The Brooklyn collective gets fancy at the Lincoln Center Film Society.

Week in Pop: Dark Colour, Howth, Soul Glimpse, Zoë Kiefl

Featuring Bent Denim, Nicholas Fisher, Oko Tygra, Old, Zach Schimpf, co-curated by Florist.

Week in Pop: BLSHS, Dear Tracks, Grand Lake Islands, Jonathan Sibha

Featuring Boulevards, Rose Quartz, & more, co-curated by Eskimeaux.

The Most Anticipated Albums of 2015

Now we play the waiting game.

Yours Are the Only Ears, “fire in my eyes”

A new track released in the final hours of 2014.

An Oral History of The Epoch

The DIY collective does it together.

Bellows, “Funny Things”

Revisiting a new track from an old friend.

Told Slant to ruissue Still Water, tour with Crying

Coming to a house show near you!

Sharpless, “You've Got a Lot of Feelings”

A new single in anticipation of their upcoming LP.

the epoch

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