the singles collection

Void Vision, Dead Wife, Leather

Bad bummertime vibes to help shock you out of your sunshine comas.

La Corde, Wet Illustrated, Tonstartssbandht

It's all tantamount to getting fucked in the ass with a unicorn horn.

Esben and the Witch, Broken Water, Dead Leaf Echo

This week, a grip of 'gazers of various stripes.

The (original) Mystery Girls, Chainsaw Kittens, Cherubs

We've jumped into the Wayback Machine for another time capsule installment of TSC.

Tortured Tongues, Rank/Xerox, Big Rats

Each of these singles were self-released by the bands themselves, so if you like what you hear, make sure to head over/out and support them.

Black Acid, Salem and Sharp Ends

We've been on a bit of a hiatus, but we're back to the old ultraviolence just in time for you to fill your stockings with some choice 7" wax platters.

Skanfrom, Low Red Center, Total Control

We figured we'd bring it down a notch and ply you with some minimal synth jams to help soothe the palette and sharpen the mind.

No Balls, Pop. 1280, Pigeon Religion

Just a batch of ass-chafing scum-rock delivered at various tempos by various gaggles of hirsute na'er do wells.

Sex Church, Hot Guts, The People's Temple

We figure it was a good week to dredge out some decidedly overcoat-wearing tunes to help us wallow in our fall slump.

The ESPS, Melted Sunglasses, Estrogen Highs

After bumming you out with some harsh vibes the past few weeks we figured we'd bring some melody back to The Singles Collection.

Scorpion Violente, The Dreams, Teenagers in Tokyo, Bronze

Get your minds out of the gutter and cue up that stylus, it's time to get down like it's Berlin circa 1975.

Drunkdriver, Failures, Condominium

We bring you a collection of murky, misanthropic platters that all operate under the general guise of "hardcore".

Triple Fast Action, Menthol, Sabalon Glitz

Hopping in the way-back machine and traveling to Chicago's golden age of alternative rock.

Mazes, Pheromoans, Male Bonding, Pens

Flight, Rodent Plague, Nanox

the singles collection

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