the smiths

Half Loon, “Hooky You”

Literature-inspired exquisite art.

Morrissey releases new line of “murder” merch

Reminding you to be kind to animals, or he will murder you.

Week in Pop: Baseball Gregg, Ruane Maurice, SILVA, Woodsman

Dinner, Satan Wriders, Souvenir Stand, Streight Angular, & more, co-curated by MLTD.

Merchandise, After The End

Merchandise might seem pop-ready on paper, but After The End sustains a deep tension.

Oscar Scheller: Building the Drum You Want to March To

The London musician likes his melodies sweet and his themes dark.

Stream Dan Francia’s Alone and Together EP

The debut release from Flagland’s bassist, featuring an interview conducted by himself.

The Making of Era with Brian Case of Disappears

How docs on The Smiths, Can, and Bones Brigade interacted with Solaris and Metropolis.

Dinosaur Jr. at Terminal 5

Celebrating 25 years of a landmark album with Dinosaur Jr. at Terminal 5.

No.3 Mark Bright of Saison

Talking Midwest fast food and Dunkin' Donuts with a sommelier.

So Many Wizards, “Happy Birthday”

There's a danger in sharing a title with the most wildly known song ever.

Craft Spells

Don't worry, it's not another shitty goth band.

the smiths

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