the thermals

Protomartyr, Chastity Belt, and Hurry Up at the Doug Fir Lounge

A star-studded NW lineup.

The Thermals, “Hey You”

The band has announced a new record, but will it be as good as their Twitter?

Hutch and Kathy, and Brian Bonz at Mercury Lounge

The precursor to The Thermals came to Mercury Lounge last week.

Underground America 2013

We give props to the photographers and musicians that play shows you probably missed.

Summer Cannibals, “Make You Better”

The wait for No Makeup's follow-up is over.

The Thermals unveil new video game for their song “The Sword By My Side”

With the help of The Thermals and some magical sprites, get ready to waste some time.

The Thermals at Lincoln Hall

The Thermals continue their tour in support of Desperate Ground in Chicago.

The Thermals at Tralf Music Hall

DID HUTCH KEEP HIS PANTS ON? Spoiler alert: he totally did.

2013 Treefort Music Festival

We spent four days in Boise, ID for Treefort Music Festival and have these photos to prove it.

Filmed: TreeFort Music Festival & why 2013 is Boise's year

Video evidence of why playing Idaho's new musical experiment is a spring break destination.

Scenes from 2013 Treefort Music Festival

Treefort Music Festival returns for their second year in Boise.

The Thermals, Hilly Eye, and Habibi at 285 Kent Ave

Portland's The Thermals return to NYC and 1/3 of the band undresses on stage.

Wreck of the Zephyr's children's book LP

Raise your kids on punk that shreds and inspires equally.

The Thermals, “Never Listen to Me”

Listen, but don't listen.

Kathy Foster of The Thermals

oh cassette 4-track, how i love thee!

the thermals

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