todd p

Market Hotel to officially reopen

Back in the New York groove.

Showpaper suspends production

After seven years, the print publication is calling it quits.

Watch Ocrilim perform at Death By Audio’s first show ever

Mick Barr shows us where it all began.

The closing of 285 Kent with Ric Leichtung and Todd P; and homophobia in Uganda with Malika Zouhali-Worrall

The future of Brooklyn DIY venues, followed by the tragic death of a Ugandan man.

285 Kent is gone and I feel fine

Ugh, another 'remember when' piece? Really?

Todd P to open new venue in old Silent Barn space

The new Silent Barn contributes a statement on the shift.

The Market Hotel revamp project needs interns

Get college credit helping to regrow a sustainable community project.

Market Hotel approved for renovations by NYC Dept. of Buildings

The venue's reopening date is still TBD.

El Real is a Feeling

Taking a peyote trip into the Mexican desert on horseback.

Organizing Festival NRMAL with Todd P

Gathering up the 'indie famous' and 'festival circuit' acts in beautiful Monterrey, MX.

Sic Alps, Endless Boogie and Call of the Wild at Ran Tea House

CA's Sic Alps perform a late night set at a tea house on 10/27.

Night/Life: The Clocktower and Joe Ahearn

Discussing The Clocktower, Showpaper, and public vs. private spaces.

Crystal Stilts, Woods, MMOSS at 285 Kent

Todd P presents another affordable great show featuring exciting BK bands.

Ten Years of Parts & Labor

The history of the band, told poster by poster, on the eve of their last show.

Super buffet now with super music

Real Estate and Black Dice at a Chinese buffet in Queens!

todd p

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