Vesuvio Solo, “Avion”

Sting and the Boys are smiling somewhere in the avion.

Week in Pop: Baseball Gregg, Ruane Maurice, SILVA, Woodsman

Dinner, Satan Wriders, Souvenir Stand, Streight Angular, & more, co-curated by MLTD.

TOPS of the Pops

We catch up with the Montreal band about their second album, Picture You Staring.

TOPS, “Outside”

The latest woozy ballad from Montreal’s dreamy synth pop quartet.

Week in Pop: Balms, Basic Shapes, Wormwood

Mozart’s Sister, The Outfit, Valery Gore, We Need Secrets, co-curated by Squadda B.

TOPS, “Change of Heart”

TOPS is top of the pops.

Stream Cascine + Friends Tour Label Mix

The dreamy pop label pals around with 100% Silk, Ghostly International and Arbutus.

Calvin Love, TOPS, and Jimmy Whispers at Baby’s All Right

Solo artist Calvin Love headlines Baby’s All Right on a Monday night.

Sugar Boys, General Store / Back to Business

A mind-bending time warp through a wormhole and back to the turn of the twentieth century.

Shows to watch: CMJ 2012

Your guide to the best lineups and the free-est beer coozies.

Arbutus Records

If you run a record label with your friends, it never feels like work.

Jasper Baydala, Emily Kai Bock, and Evan Prosofsky interview each other

Three Canadian music video directors talk about creating three-to-five minute stories.

Premiere: TOPS, “Rings of Saturn”

Slipping into an easy-peasy, relaxed teenage rebellion.


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