Motion Graphics Talks New LP Motion Graphics, Would Collaborate With T. Pain

“I just love how quick everything is. “

Kevin Durant had a weird day on Twitter

K-hole or Kevin Durant?

On the Couch with Josh Gondelman

Unpacking issues with the writer, comedian, and Modern Seinfeld co-creator.

We Gchatted with @Homer_Marijuana for an hour and shit was crazy

Talking radical familialism, the depravity of stoner culture, and being disgruntled with Twitter.

Don't Hiat-us: There's been a Speedy Ortiz shake-up

After three years with the band, guitarist Matt Robidoux steps away.

January's Sports Lowlights

A week of Super Bowl controversies, all of which have nothing to do with the game.

#Hashtag Boost: The Internet Poetics of Steve Roggenbuck

#Boosting the world, one poetic tweet at a time.

Upset's other Twitter findings

The discoveries didn't stop after forming a band through tweets.

Ryan Hemsworth is still awake

A series of selfies, a non-compromising tour rider, and how the Canadian DJ learned to twerk.

I got into a Twitter fight with Dana Rohrabacher

Our sports writer gets into it with California's 48th district rep over global warming.

Don't miss these rad, supersecret SXSW parties

RSVP by 11:32 a.m. for a free limited edition jaw bone shoe horn.

Captain Murphy preps Duality

We found out he's a real dude. Here's "Immaculation" from his very real debut album.

Are bands murderers?

Breaking down the science of "killing it" on Twitter from Metz to Meek Mill.

Margaret Atwood Has 319017 Followers On Twitter

Five literary authors who are good at Twitter, and five Tweeters who should be writing literature.

Big Baby Gandhi at Fort Greene Park

Big Baby Gandhi uses Twitter to announce an informal show.


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