useless eaters

Stream Useless Eaters’ Relaxing Death LP in full

Pushing punk back into the post.

Week in Pop: Dumb Waiter, Fusilier, Lil Donyel

Greenova South, Henry Millers, Jon Bap, Luxley & special guest Homeboy Sandman.

Week in Pop: Plains, Proudest Ever, Tournament

Itaca, Levon Henry, Middle Class Fashion, Miss Jupiter, guest selections by Angel Du$t.

Saving Lives, Filing Teeth: Trampoline Team on Tour

Day one: yank motorist from burning car, saving him from certain death.

Best of Animals 2014

Celebrating the furry, feathered, two and four legged friends to appear on the Impose website this year.

Best of Shot by the Band 2014

Shot by the Band goes on hiatus this week to present the best images we received from artists in 2014.

Introducing: Quality Time Records

Just in time for Cassette Store Day, from Cleveland’s own Ricky Hamilton.

Week in Pop: Baseball Gregg, Ruane Maurice, SILVA, Woodsman

Dinner, Satan Wriders, Souvenir Stand, Streight Angular, & more, co-curated by MLTD.

Ricky's Heart, “Holiday in Purgatory”

Ricky Hamilton taking word-play cues from Steely Dan.

Ex-Cult, Useless Eaters, The Sheiks, and Vile Nation at The Buccaneer

Ex-Cult and Useless Eaters performing on the same bill in Memphis? Consider us there.

Useless Eaters ate some cheesesteaks

Just some rock and roll debauchery courtesy of Useless Eaters.

The Spits at The Empty Bottle

The long running, punk rock weirdos descend upon Chicago.

Manimal celebrates seven years

Answering a few questions and dropping a free mixtape on us.

Premiere: Western Medication, “Problems in D.C.”

Getting political and rowdy all at the same time.

The Best of Nashville's Best of Nashville

Polling Music City's best about their favorite locals.

useless eaters

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