veronica falls

Collecting Antiques in the Modern Age by James Hoare of The Proper Ornaments

Thoughts on the not so threatening condition of obsessive eBay browsing.

Week in Pop: Frank Lenz, I Love You, Underpass, Young Karin

Ashan, Bam Spacey, & more, co-curated by Bad Blocks.

The Proper Ornaments, Wooden Head

The Proper Ornaments play it safe rather than let their sordid pasts infiltrate their craft.

Week in Pop: Nissim, Pressed And, Solar Year, Turnip King

Bringing the brightening, beatification of beats, bliss, & endless arrays of encouragement.

#AnxietyBlock's Top Ten Records of the Year

Also top 7"s and top cassette tapes according to plays on her WNYU radio show.

Noise Pop 2012, Day 4

Day 4 in the Noise Pop 2012 circuits

The 200 most average releases of 2011

You know we're right.

Primavera Club 2011

The most average releases of September 2011

Oh hai, Wilco!

Week in Pop: Emperor X, Nas, Youth Magic

Ringing in some of that autumn pop in our lovin' cup.

Week in Pop: Born Gold, G-Side, Purity Ring

Irene may have taken our summer but she can't take our buzz bands, bro.

Week in Pop: Vivian Girls, Veronica Falls, Widowspeak

More immature behavior than a Childish Gambino cut.

Veronica Falls, “Come On Over”

Dark and infectious like a medieval plague.

Week in Pop: Prince Rama, Ted Leo, DOM

More Pop hits than gluten-free cookbooks, Coldplay's coattails or a canceled Glee tour.

veronica falls

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