BRNDA with “Five Dollar Shake”

Thanks For Playing is out March 30th, with cassettes by Nashville’s Banana Tapes.

Middle Kids play the Rock & Roll Hotel

The Australian indie rock band amazes the crowd with their phenomenal stage presence.

District of Deflection: The Washington Football Team is in denial

Is there a football term that means Watergate?

Posse, “Interesting Thing No. 2”

The grand premiere of Soft Opening's grand opening number.

Tonight Sky, “Flight of the Falling Star”

Seattle producer drops a brand new intergalactic dance club climax in your ear.

Dropping Gems

The Portland-based electronica label named after a Gang Starr lyric.

Bakery chats in Olympia with Ashley Eriksson

After playing in LAKE and Mount Eerie, Eriksson discusses being a soloist.

A chat over laundry with Markly Morrison of Skrill Meadow

Our correspondent in Olympia needed a cheap place to do laundry.

Braxton/Palmer, “Creeper, Pt. 1”

DJ Sonny Thomas takes us through Parts 1 & 2, explains their dissimilar emotions and progressions.

Stream: Malaikat dan Singa's Open the Crown

Hear the record in all its growling, disorienting glory of experimental deconstruction.

Arrington De Dionyso talks his Malaikat dan Singa project

A chat over burritos in Olympia + photos from Calvin Johnson.


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