wham city

Height with Friends, “Bmore Bmore”

The final installment in the old school trilogy takes it bak to Baltimore.

“It was a good year” by Ed Schrader of Ed Schrader's Music Beat

The Music Beat is in Germany when Ed learns he's not Irish.

Height's No Gun Shots At Our Parties Vol.3 mix

The series travels to the West Coast.

Height With Friends, No Gunshots At Our Parties Vol.1 & 2

A mix series built from the purest origins of hip hop: 80s house party tapes.

Ed Schrader presents a Dan Deacon Adventure

Part One: Dan's shoreline vacation is interrupted by an urgent call from HQ.

Dan Deacon Drinks Raw Milk

The Wham City Superstar on obtaining and consuming the most illegal dairy product in the country.

Important Comics gets a book release

Sad, and, you know, funny.

Return to Wume for the first time

Ex-Bird Names tries on some completely different feathers.

Adventure's Lesser Known tricks

Check his video for "Rio".

Rap Dragons take us ten stories high

Whartscape 2009, Friday night

Lylith Fare: Wham City Is Real

With DJ Dogdick, Teenage Souls, Mark Brown, Drew Swineburn, Lesser Gonzales Alvarez, The Creepers, Ana Lola Roman, Shams, Ed Schrader, Santa Dads

Read: Important Comics, a collection of unquestionable merit

This is what a Wham City newsletter looks like

Wham City's blue knight

wham city

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