white fang

Week in Pop: Doombird, Giselle Mynx, Gulfer, Tattoo Money

Acting Strange, Cole, Dan Deacon, Glockabelle, Nicky Venus, guest selections by Mild High Club.

Underground America 2014

Celebrating the photographers and performers at DIY spaces, small venues, record shops, and other locations.

YACHT and White Fang at Mercury Lounge

This was an early show so the gentlemen of White Fang were shirtless around 7PM. Kudos, guys.

White Fang, Denney and the Jets, and Hector's Pets at Glasslands Gallery

Looks like it was a crazy, fun time Glasslands Gallery on Saturday night.

Guantanamo Baywatch, “Love Kin”

The Portland swamp rockers join la familia de Suicide Squeeze.

Gnartivity Scene 2013

Celebrating Christmas with Gnar Tapes.

Kyle Handley of The Memories talks Burger's White Light/White Heat tribute

The Portland musician offers insight on covering the comedy of Waldo Jeffers.

A history of the west with Ripley Johnson of Wooden Shjips

Recently moved to Portland, Johnson speaks on his new home and the legacy of Lou Reed.

White Fang, Colleen Green, The Memories, and Hector's Pets at Death by Audio

Portland's White Fang & The Memories come to town with LA's Colleen Green for a night at DBA.

White Fang, “Bong Rip”

Chorus, gongs and weed, White Fang has been hard at work.

Hanging with White Fang

Two-tree bowls, Budweiser tallboys and a bottle of Jim Beam with the Show Me Deals crew.

It could be all bong hits and dick pics

But White Fang is really about confidence.

The best music of April 2011

The month of fooling and zombie Jesus bears deliciously weird fruits.

White Fang are Greatful

Four young dudes making the kind of gold intended for four young dudes.

white fang

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