Dear Viet Cong

Your band name, and lack of critical attention of it, is offensive.

The ridiculousness of being Viet Cong

Discussing the importance of vibrators to the music-making process.

Viet Cong, Cassette

Originally a tour-only release, Viet Cong resign to neither be crowned nor confused as geniuses.

Palm, Into the Bulk

A three-track EP that favors sonic depth and subtlety over straightforward noise.

Cindy Lee, Tatlashea CS

Dusting under the rug for a overlooked cassette hailing from Vancouver.

Stream: His Clancyness, Vicious

Shine even brighter like a "Zenith Diamond".

Music 2 Bang 2

Who has time for Russell Stover chocolate when we're both naked?

Rugs & Glugs: Turkish Tea Benefit for Brooklyn Bike Patrol

Rugs against thugs: An interview with vinage dealer and rug designer Aelfie Oudghiri.

In Memoriam: Women's Chris Reimer

Jagjaguwar streams the records at 3 pm today. This is our personal remembrance.

Women 7″ with Friendo and other friends

Still holding out on saying goodbye to our favorite Canucks.

We have no idea what Akron/Family's new LP title means

Dust off that Magic 8-Ball.

DD/MM/YYYY weather Women’s indefinite hiatus

Tour updates from the Canadians who are still a band.

The best releases of September 2010

No not this time Deerhunter.

DD/MM/YYYY teams up with Beak>, tours with Women

We're like proud parents sporting that honor student bumper sticker.

Women, “Eyesore”

Why not go with what works?


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