wutang clan

April’s Most Average Moments

We bought Drake’s lint roller on ebay to wipe the filth of April off us.

March's Most Average Moments

Few photos have nailed it better than Millie Brown preparing to vomit on Lady Gaga.

Al Lover, “Motocycle Music” Mix

Dedicated to his pops, Al Lover has a theory on how he became a psych-rap producer.

Week in Pop: A Million Billion Dying Suns, Dudley Perkins, Sam Martin

with exclusives and support from Aquariana, Jeremy & the Harlequins, Liquor Store, & River Tiber.

Brownsville KA: from Natural Elements to a second life in rap

It took giving up dreams of a record deal to find his place as an independent emcee.

Primavera Sound 2013: Day 3

Primavera Sound 2013 comes to a close with sets by Nick Cave and the Wu-Tang Clan. Of course.

The Bilderberg Group of Rap Edition

The top 5 Illuminati of this rap shit for the week.

Ghostface Killah and Sheek Louch at The DL

Ghostface & Sheek Louch help launch VICE's mixed martial arts website.

Yup, Wugazi is Fugazi and Wu Tang combined

Wordplay at it's best.

Ghostface, Sean Price and Trife Diesel stay laced

It's only a compilation, folks.

Da Biebz w/ Raekwon & Kanye West

Somebody needs to beat Rae's nuts in with a spiked bat. BLAOW!

Black Lips and GZA collaborate again, so why am I so sad?

Ghostface Killah mp3s + full album stream

wutang clan

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