xander harris

Stream Xander Harris's Black Moon Halloween mixtape

Dark moodscapes with an evil, horror-filled edge.

We Ask Musicians: What’s your favorite John Carpenter score?

When it comes to spine-tingling 80’s horror scores, few can touch Carpenter and Howarth.

Xander Harris, “Sky Pivot”

Get your free cassettes here! Get your free cassettes here!

Xander Harris, Russian Tsarlag, Human Beast, and Massiver at Essentials Studio

Photos from a Mondo Nation Party in San Antonio with Xander Harris, Russian Tsarlag and more.

Xander Harris, “Night Fortress”

With a screenshot like this one, how can you resist watching the video?

Best free music of 2012

The best mixtapes and digital drops of the year.

Xander Harris, Snow Crash

Channel your inner Hiro Protoganist.

What are you getting your moms for 4/20 (Part 2)

We pose the eternal question, once again.

The best music of March 2012

It's like a tossed music salad.

Week in Pop: Iamsu!, Moonbell, and Opossum

Flash your devil horns, it's the Week in Pop.

Xander Harris pours out Chrysalid

Technical textures reign in the new cassette by Justin Sweatt. (Full stream included.)

Night 4: Peaking Lights, Tearist, Dan Friel and more

We spent St. Patrick's Day with 7 bands in Austin.

Bathetic Records releases “Expressway” mix

Download features original photography by Dirty Beaches.

The best music of April 2011

The month of fooling and zombie Jesus bears deliciously weird fruits.

Xander Harris, “Tanned Skin Dress”

Synths to the future.

xander harris

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