young one records

Cities Aviv, “Worlds Ov Pressure”

90s nostalgia comes to life.

Perpetuating the real with Cities Aviv

Gavin Mays enlightens us on the finer and often overlooked elements in his music.

The Best Music of January 2014

Psych went out with a mutant howl down the psychic death hole.

Week in Pop: Brandt Brauer Frick, DVA, Gloom Balloon

Reports from Berlin, Czech Republic, Iowa, and Louisiana, with support from Soul Glimpse.

Cities Aviv, “URL IRL”

Boombox revelations from the tomorrowlands of Memphis.

New New York: The false prophecy

It's been a year since the resurgence was announced, but what do we have to show for it?

Fat Tony

The smart ass black boy talks crowd-surfing, stray animals and his new record.

Bryant Dope, New New York tape

The Queens rapper delivers an homage to the champion sound of Smif-N-Wessun.

Bryant Dope, “QB”

A typical day in Queens, loitering in skate shops and beneath the Queensboro bridge.

Fat Tony, “Hood Party”

Even white people know it's a good party.

Bryant Dope, “QB”

Taking it back to Queensbridge for a new New York

Bryant Dope, “Champion Sound”

This some shit Mike Tyson would have walked out to the ring to in the 90s.

The Best Music of October 2012

If football, The World Series, or the debates distracted you. Here's all you missed.

Asking bands about Halloween plans

What are you being for Halloween? What will you give the trick-or-treaters?

Fat Tony & Tom Cruz, “Denim Guinness Boys”

Watch a hipster caricature lust for a black video girl and lose respect for music videos.

young one records

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