zach hill

Team Sleep reunite, to release new album

The super group wants you to pay for it.

Death Grips, “Come Up And Get Me”

A short film showing the group's infiltration of the Chateau Marmont.


Is L.A. Reid shackling our punk heroes or are we part of the master marketing plan?

Death Grips join the Adult Swim Singles Program

A track that belongs on Adult Swim, if not left on the cutting floor of The Money Store.

Gauntlet Hair dudes

No party is complete until someone plays a little Beyonce.

Hella is back!

They supply the math rock. You supply the art.

Death Grips is fuggin' raw rap shit

All the breakthroughs Anti-Pop Consortium sought, but never mastered.

CHLLNGR remixes Zach Hill

Warning: this video comes with a seizures disclaimer.

Best music of October 2010

Solo projects reign, and we find something to bump on our way to voting.

Ellie Fortune, “Follow”

One quarter of a Sacramento four-way split, not necessarily starring Zach Hill.

Zach Hill's not-so solo

Even though we'd listen to an album of drums. We're glad he brought friends.

Marnie Stern confessional

Devastating love, Best Coast trash talk, and maybe some selling out.

Raleigh Moncrief, “Ell”

The hip hoppier side of Robby Moncrieff.

Robby Moncrieff bloodies an iPhone

The true crime here is walking. No one ever dies driving while iPhone browsing.

If we all crucified Wavves…

…Would anyone care?

zach hill

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