Zs, Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Wume, and Sunwatchers at Palisades

We spent the weekend before Thanksgiving at Palisades.

Hieroglyphic Being & J.I.T.U. Ahn-Sahm-Buhl, “F**k The Ghetto / Think About Outer Space”

Basic instructions for leaving earth in the form of hardware techno.

Lightning Bolt, Zs, and Dan Friel at The Wick

A dream bill come true: Lightning Bolt, Zs, and Dan Friel.

Z is for zone

Challenging music with New York’s Zs.

Zs, “Corps”

Enter hypnosis with Zs latest recording.

ZS release SCORE Remixed; curate your own mixes on interactive website

A nifty new project for the artistically inclined.

Week in Pop: Ben Greenberg, Fantasmes, Patrick Higgins, The Spyrals, Tapes

Hubble hysteria, Santurce scene surveys, avant-garde NYC, psyched SF, Knoxville's new hardknock.

Hubble returns to NNA Tapes

If you stay current on NASA news, you know we need a new Hubble record right now.

RNYC: the re-entry of a Bushwick hip hop workshop

Sam Hillmer of Zs and Diamond Terrifier discusses the non-profit relaunch.

The Chris Gethard Show: Let Us Predict Your Future

Chris Gethard invites Amy Poehler and Zs to his weekly late night show.

RAFT hosts Assemble X at Knockdown Center

An experimental version of passing around the acoustic guitar at the dinner party.

Stream Part One of ZS' Grain

Armed with a new lineup, experimental sounds get renewed life.

ZS embarks on European tour, shares Terroreyes-shot live video

Their latest EP, Grain, releases on April 30.

Stream: Seaven Teares, Power Ballads

Meet this sacred NYC order where you end and where a new world begins.

Zs and Guardian Alien at The Empty Bottle

Is Zs the plural of Z? Is it pronounced "zeees" or zee-ess?"


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