Akinyemi, "Graduation"

Post Author: Andre G

There doesn’t seem to be enough music out that explores how an artist balances other career-driven exploits with their music . Especially not from younger MCs, who are often too busy projecting an image of youthful bliss to get real about assignments due the night of shows and other mundanities. Queens MC – and full-time Queens College student – Akinyemi recently capped off graduation season with his cap and gown on, strolling the streets of New York in his “Graduation” video.
Gentle organ play crafted by producer angus looms under Akinyemi’s rapid-fire examination of the crucial formative period he’s going through as a graduate-to-be. Older figures around him are pressuring him to be career oriented, but he just wants to rhyme – and he’s damn good at it. “Today’s the first day of my job and I decided/I’m gonna take flights for a livin’ and I’m the pilot,” he resolves, offering a W for artistry everywhere. If the talented lyricists keeps on the pace he’s going, he’ll likely be a figure for future creative aspirants to reference in support of their hip-hop dreams.