AllttA, "Drugs"

Post Author: Andre G

AllttA, a duo comprised of France-based Producer 20syl and MC Mr. J Medeiros, is set to release their first album The Upper Hand on February 17th. The duo released the video for the project’s first single, “Drugs,” yesterday. The song is a hilarious, honest reflection on Mr. J’s experiences with getting high.
He rhymes over the cheerful synth melodies with a playful, patient flow about smoking for the first time at 30, being scared he’d be singing in his underwear, but mostly just ending up with the munchies while thinking reflectively. He also humorously recalls tryhard rappers with “fake accents from NY” trying to get him high in ’96.
“Drugs” is most impressive during the second verse, where Mr. J focuses on the people he knows who spiraled into painful addiction in the midst of trying to escape another pain, such as his homegirl who had a brain tumor and started to become dependent on the prescription she was given.
His analytical verse challenges the listener to pause on condemnation and think about why people chase highs. The song is matched with lively black-and-white animation that works with the soundscape to keep the track from drowning in self-importance.
You can pre-order The Upper Hand here.