BADBADNOTGOOD & Flockey Ocscor, "Cashmere"

Post Author: Andre G

The lesson of the day: you never know who your music is going to reach. BADBADNOTGOOD has been showcasing their genre-bending live instrumentation all over the world, collaborating with a range of artists of all genres. Their “Cashmere” composition recently inspired Congolese artist Flockey Ocscor. Ocscor had used the track’s jazzy soundscape as the backdrop for his live performances and later asked the group if they were willing to do an entire video.
Enter the video debuted today, a visual narrative of Ocscor’s heartbreaking tale. The song starts from the days of youthful vigor at family outings and places of worship, then the horrible realities of the Democratic Republic Of The Congo’s tumultuous state lash through the good vibes to put a face on the misfortunes incurred by war. “Cashmere’s” video is a tale of a love lost not through the fault of either party, which is perhaps the most painful of all.