Premiere: Bestial Mouths, “Ceased”

Every composition and production from Bestial Mouths is a big, life altering event. Take the extra-terrestrial experiments, rituals and calamities featured on their video for "Earth", to today's viewing of the apocalyptic, shape-shifting premiere of, "Ceased". Following up their vicious but visceral self-titled with an upcoming remix LP for Clan Destine, the LA group continues to crash the so-called sacred crystals of complacency and conformity at every turn. In a time where the goth tag and titles are thrown around without much thought, the Bestial band of Lynette, Christopher, Gustavo, and Jessica bring some of the boldest battle calls, that rattle the cages of mortality for a new way out—and perhaps a new understanding of the self. They trade in gnashed teeth and ominous to sinister synth pop, while dealing in a kind of unrelenting beauty that lies beneath the darkened cloaks and veils.

Which brings us to Katie Rose's video for "Ceased", where once again Bestial Mouths collapse the realms of future, passages of the personal, science fiction, and a frightening and elaborate blend of elegance. What we get are rich headdresses, transforming figures, complicated face fixtures, Romanesque nudes, and the refinement of fire. Again, Lynette takes on the many different forms from regal queen commander, to a statue chorus of faces that resemble stone, hairstyles that cover the eyes like blindfolds, and cameos of impish alien life forms. Lynette's chants strikes against the modes and manuals of identity, that are given visual representation to what could be a midnight mass fashion shoot on a catwalk that connects worlds of the known and unknown, framed by the engulfing borders of flames. Bestial Mouths continue to keep pushing the envelope and raising the bar with an aggressive destruction of expectation, and abiding by aesthetic forms that challenge every fiber of your being, along with the perceptions of yourself and others.

Frontwoman Lynette Cerezo, Jessica Reuter, and Christopher Myrick joined us for a discussion on their new terrifying/wonderful video, the upcoming remix LP from Clan Destine, and more recordings that are currently in session.

The existential crux and inspiration for "Ceased"?

Lynette: Ceased is a commentary on the expectations put on women, or the internal struggle in choosing not to conform to what is expected in the role as a woman and agonizing over how to follow your own path. Rejecting typical gender roles can still mean feeling guilt or shame. I guess its about self-hatred and the difficulty of finding who we are and coming to terms with it. With all of our songs things are left vague though, as we prefer the listener to interpret it in their own way, hoping their experiences and emotions will shape the song into something personal.

As to the video, we just gave Katie the lyrics and let her interpret the song visually. It was amazing to see how it corresponded directly to how the song meant to us.

Insights into the future Bestial Mouths recordings?

Lynette: We are currently in the process of writing new songs. Excited to experiment with incorporating more samples and pushing beyond what is expected.

Jessica: We've been busy in the studio as of late, with tracks to be released soon for a split for DKA Records. We're also releasing a CD version of our sold-out self-titled LP, which will be available in time for our European tour in May.

Chris: We have a remix record from our self titled album too, which will be available through Clan Destine Records around the same time next month.

The following are Bestial Mouths' confirmed EU tour dates, with further information available via Facebook.

14 FI Helsinki, Kuudes Linja
17 DK Copenhagen, Warehouse 9
18 DE Berlin, Urban Spree
20 F Paris, Le Klub
21 BE Ghent, Kinky Star
22 BE Brussels, Central Café
23 F Nantes, Blockhaus DY10
24 ESP Madrid, tba
25 ESP Vitoria-Gasteiz, Ibú Hots
27 IT Milan, Lo Fi
29 CRO Zagreb, Klub Attack
30 HU Budapest, Kontra Klub

01 CZ Prague, Pilot
2 DE Leipzig, Zxrx

Bestial Mouths' remix LP will be available in early May with pre-orders available now from Clan Destine Records.