Big Fresh, “Paralyzed”

Ian Schneider

The ten-member group Big Fresh has announced their upcoming release of Fall Preview, their first release in six years. The first single of off the EP is “Paralyzed”, with the lead vocals being provided by Apples frontman Robert Schneider.

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“We got tired of hearing ourselves singing lead on every track,” explains band leader John Ferguson, “So we invited a few of our talented friends to join us.” The video for “Paralyzed” is a unique take on how people view media in general. It follows a woman who watches Schneider perform the song on her phone, television, and computer, from the time she gets up in the morning, to when she goes to sleep at night. She even goes as far to watch the video on her phone as she drives, consequently hitting a person and other objects.

Ferguson had this to say about “Paralyzed”, “It’s a cynical look at my journey growing up within the culture of fundamentalist Christianity, fast food, and excessive television consumption in rural Kentucky. Although I was able to shed my primitive and superstitious programming by the time I was a teen, I notice that I’ve come to a place where I’m still highly judgmental of myself for ‘checking out’ in front of screens.”

You can find more information on Big Fresh and their upcoming projects here.

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