B L A N K, “Dust In The Wind”

Post Author: Andre G

Sometimes, even the best of us need a moment that makes us stop and realize how precious life is. Long Island MC B L A N K is doing his best to deliver that reminder with his latest track, “Dust In The Wind”. Over sentimental guitar licks, B L A N K muses existentially, noting “I see my soul floating in this empty place that we’re living in.”

B L A N K’s frank discussion of his past helps him escape the pretentious vibe that many optimistic, “everything is beautiful because it’s beautiful” tracks tend to radiate. The discussion of his relationship with his Father contextualizes his journey, and his admission of the lingering thoughts about being picked on in High School infuse the song with a relatable humanity. Even if he’s not 100% consumed by positive thought, he’s working damn hard to stick with it, as many of us are.

The Fifth-God produced video beautifully augments the track, with a continuous overhead drone shot depicting B L A N K and his surroundings. The camera closes in and rises on B L A N K randomly, as he lays in the grass. As the song concludes, the camera ascends high above B L A N K, eventually showcasing a seemingly endless body of water off the coast of Long Island. “I just wanted to show people how small we are and how beautiful Long Island is,” B L A N K noted about the video treatment.

B L A N K is working on an upcoming project entitled A U R A S.