Blueprint, “Silver Lining”

Legacy's are rarely earned without the love and support of friends and family. In rememberance of those gone and in honor the ones who shaped him, Blueprint's "Silver Lining" is an oral history of his life up to this point; the achievements, the setbacks, the lessons, and the friends and family lost along the way. Delivered as a singular verse, "Silver Linings" touches on nearly every major event in his life, from basketball keeping him out of trouble in high school, never telling his mother he was shot at, graduating college with a computer science degree, and finding salvation in the purchase of a sampler. Of course the 9-5ers life came with frustrations that could only be subdued by staying out late in Cincinnati winning battles and performing with his crew Greenhouse Effect.

The slideshow digs up dozens of vintage shots of Blueprint with Eyedea, Atoms Family, Aesop Rock, Slug of Atmosphere, and his Weightless Recordings crew.

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