Chuwee, "Ascendant Master"

Post Author: Andre G

Where does an artist go to get visuals for a song about spiritual and mental ascension? Sacramento MC Chuwee chose one of the best places in the entire Golden State for his “Ascendant Master” video. The gifted lyricist continued the rollout to his upcoming Paradiso album with a John Atomos-directed video inside the San Jose Zen Garden. Chuwee and track co-pilot Bishop DeFaun also shot scenes inside the Rosicrucian Museum.
By the title alone, it’s not hard to tell what “Ascendant Master” is about. Chuwee shreds through an ominous, contemplative The Stife Studios soundscape with a reflective verse about police brutality, controlling his own path as an artist, and being a “5th dimension traveler”–in a society where people may not even get what that refers to. He speaks of being alone, but not in a woe-is-me sense, more in a higher-frequency-acknowledging manner. The song toys with spiritual beliefs that place self-knowledge and inner peace above all.
Chuwee is the master of his domain on “Ascendant Master,” and it will be exciting to see what else has to share on Paradiso, set to drop March 24th. You can pre-order the album here.