Claps, “Glory, Glory”

Burning eyes, patterned lights, shifting darkness – the new video from Claps has all the elements of a late-night moody mind-trip, matched to the Minneapolis band’s signature minimalist synth stylings. Collaged with found footage of vintage scientists caught in the midst of discovering what we know to be true today (or at least miming it), the “Glory, Glory” video captures a nostalgic sense of discovery, something ancient, embedded along with the repeated religious phrase.

The single shares a name with the cassette release it belongs to, also Glory, Glory. Following the advice of Glory, Glory’s first song, “Simplicity’s Key,” the band KISS with the best, finding substance, if not comfort, in the space between each steady sound.

For best viewing, press eyes against screen and take the patterns in from peripheral to peripheral. Never mind that mild burning sensation — sacraments require sacrifice.

Glory, Glory is available now via Moon Glyph.