Co La, “Deaf Christian”

The electronic project of Baltimore's Matt Papich is a dense and unsettling glimpse at the potential for vocal complexity when amplified to cerebral effect. His album, Moody Coup, will be delivered via Software Recordings on May 7, but the video for the song "Deaf Christian" has arrived, and it's nothing if not a perfect pairing to the world that the album creates. The video features Papich crushing, abusing, and mutilating a series of pitted fruits, mostly plums. The colors are tragically vibrant and Papich's skin has a slinky irridescent quality, leaving the viewer more disturbed than the vocal line "I'm living right next door to an angel" would initially premeditate.

The video splits off, however, when a series of hand-scrawled graffiti lines push onto the screen, calling out the song title in several different styles. We get a view of Papich being directed by Strasser with the director's instructions remaining in the cut. It takes us out of the moment, but to good effect. Any more plum damage could start to screw us up.

Moody Coup, whose working method Papich describes as "employing the hegemony of delete," will release on May 7 and you can order it here.