Connor Donovan, "Level Up"

Post Author: Andre G

Cambridge, Massachusetts rapper Connor Donovan’s “Level Up”track was already a strong choice for the summer rotation – and now it’s ready for video playlists, too. The brand new Pinkslip-directed video showcases Connor putting on for his city while mobbin’ with his team. The murky visual effects exhibited throughout the black-and-white video give the track an early-to-mid ’90s vibe, as if it just popped up on The Box in between boombap cuts.
But it’s not 1994, it’s 2017, and Connor sounds as next-level as any MC could on the moody trap production. With an “I make this look easy” level of finesse, he skillfully tears through a range of musings. He’s raving about the teachers from high school who want him – for completely law-abiding relations — then swiftly chastises unprofessional people who waste his time. He calls out phonies who “talk about him” then “walk around him” in the streets, before letting us know he runs The ‘Bridge. No he’s runnin’ Mass’. No, he runs the world. For the 4 minutes that “Level Up” rocks, it sounds like he just may.