Cousin Brian, “Disposer”

Post Author: JP Basileo

Philadelphia dream punks Cousin Brian look to revitalize the animated medium in their new video for their single, “Disposer”, omitting any trace of a photographed world and leaving reality altogether. The track is a brief and wistful crooner that could only instill imagery fit for the sketch board, with its awe-loving patience and calmly hummed lyrics. Soft sweeping backup vocals add a spatial texture, making way for the outlandishness of the imagery.

The video itself is a combination of comical and grotesque characters, all drawn in a certain crudity of constantly moving, almost shaky black and white, melding into and out of each other with expert animation by the band’s very own Elliot Bech. Shapes break off shapes and transform into new ones, in liquid motions—animals turn into monsters, which turn into humans, which then turn into intangible scenes—all with no storyline present, but never in need of one. The pictures speak for themselves, and carry with them an evocative quality, perhaps especially when the first-person is taken directly through the disgusting nostril of a grimly deranged-looking “man.”