Crush, “Soviet Life”

Post Author: Emily Chu
Soviet Life

Crush‘s video for “Soviet Life” premieres today and I have one word for it: psychedelic.

The band is made up of Oliver Pinnell and Jeff Day on the guitar and vocals, Dylan Allard on the bass, and Kevin Figueroa on the drums. Formed in late 2014, and based out of Oakland, Crush has had a busy two years, building up their reputation in the San Francisco Bay Area. The band had some cool things to say about their new song:

“Although the title ‘Soviet Life’ harkens of tenement nostalgia and prompts curiosity, the name and subject matter of the song is much more playful and less intentional.  When we wrote Soviet Life last year both Oliver and Jeff owned Sovtek Mig 100 guitar amplifiers; cheap, Russian, 1980s knock offs of the classic Marshall amp.  Interestingly enough, legend goes that the Sovtek Amp factory was a repurposed Tank factory.  This idea always amused us… guitars for tanks.”

The video is trippy, without a doubt. Geometric shapes morph and warp on screen, as rainbow strings of color vibrate and pulse in the background. The energy of the video certainly matches the energetic instrumentals and smooth, subdued vocals. The video is a fun and interesting one to watch.

Tour Dates
July 10th – w/ Heavy Petting, Unity, Soar, Late Bloom | @ The Hole, Oakland, CA
July 12th – w/ Heavy Petting, White Knuckles, Future Shapes | @ Different Fur Studios, San Francisco, CA
July 19th – w/ Pinegrove, Sports, Half Waif | @ The Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco, CA

Crush’s debut album is currently in the works. Check more out here.