Derde Verde – Shattered Moon

Virginia Croft

Derde Verde is having an oxymoron moment with the weather– while the ensuing winter typically brings about endings and hibernation, the Los Angeles based group is embracing it, releasing uplifting tracks surged with that brand of rock Californians do so well. Their latest track, “Shattered Moon,” is boisterous and unapologetic, steeped in Pacific Northwest rock influences. This single marks the completion of Derde Verde’s EP, Meander Belt (Kursaal Records). Additionally, the band released a music video to accompany the bold track, directed by Simone White.

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Photo: John Nyboer

Regarding the track, McKenzie added, “‘Shattered Moon’ is a song that explores the feeling of shock and dissonance when your reality is no longer recognizable to you. Even the most banal things can become menacing when you’ve gone through a traumatic experience. You may feel like you’ve fallen through the cracks until you’re able to let go and move forward with a new awareness. Derde Verde is Dylan McKenzie (lead vocals/guitar) Jonathan Schwarz (bass/vocals) & Matthias Wagner (drums).

You can keep up with Derde Verde here, and purchase Meander Belt here.

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