Dogbreth, “Hoarder House”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Phoenix’s power punk band Dogbreth has just released their third album, Second Home, and boy is it a stunner. Continuing to bring their insane performance style to the masses, they have brought the thunder into your home with the entire album. We’ve got the exclusive premiere of the fun mystery video for their single “Hoarder House”

The video comes to us in black and white, the band sitting around like they’re in an old-timey detective agency. They discuss quitting music to form a detective agency, and how they’ve never had a case.

Then the phone rings.

The pizza delivery man just died on their doorstep, so obviously it’s time to assemble their energy to solve this case. And that’s where the video leads us. On a colorful journey around the city, trying to find out what happened to this poor delivery guy. But then not only are the protagonist’s hands covered in blood, but he is also the pizza delivery man.

What did we just witness?

Work through the confusion in your head, and you’ve got a pretty stellar thriller on your hands. Thanks for bringing a little excitement to our day, Dogbreth!

Second Home is available via Asian Man Records.