Fifi Rong, “Future Never Comes”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

London’s multi-talented producer/artist Fifi Rong will release the follow up single to her highly acclaimed Forbidden Desire EP this week. It brings with it a unique and beautiful, ethereal sound that will have you begging for more. Get lost in the music video for “Future Never Comes” now, and make sure to pay specific attention to the lyric composition. You won’t regret it.

The song starts off at an eery pace, the video matching its eloquence perfectly. The visuals play with the concept of light verses dark, and the viewer is trapped in a black and white vignette while panning over an aerial view, winding through mountains and trees, and visuals of Fifi herself singing the song. Every once in a while, splashes of red make an appearance, which make the video seem even darker than originally presumed. When a kaleidoscope color effect begins to dance over the visuals, it brightens the song a bit more, leaving you feel like a larger part of the universe depicted.

Check out “Future Never Comes” on Soundcloud. Keep up with Fifi Rong here.