GoodcaT, "To Eternity"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Des Moines-based indie soul collective GoodcaT is currently running a Pledge Music campaign to raise funds for their third album, To Eternity. We’ve got the exclusive premiere of their music video for the title track to the album, and you do not want to miss out on this beautifully shot exploration of a garden through the eyes of children layered with gorgeous dance and movement. Contrasting light and dark, with the common thread of a layer of chiffon through both visuals bring about an intense idea of innocence lost.
Frontman Nels Dovre had quite a bit to say about the song and its accompanying video.

“To Eternity” (the title track off of the album of the same name) was written the day after Fukoshima boiled over upon waking from an interesting dream. It’s a simple idea about a nostalgic premonition – imagining the couple generations of humans that will live in a post apocalyptic world, after the, “butterflies fade away.”

In the video the excitement and joy of youth, colors, butterflies, and ecological diversity is juxtaposed with the lingering memory of these things after they have disappeared. We use dance in tonally sterile settings as an almost spiritual way of accessing those memories and maintaining hope that life will blossom in beauty again.

To Eternity is out soon. It is available for preorder now.