Halasan Bazar, “Am I Blind”

If there was a rule in movies that repetition equals fear, then this scene from the '63 film One Got Fat has captured that faux addage perfectly. Adding into the equation are the horrific monkey masks that look like they were melted into place, and maybe it's important to note that kids on bikes are also very frightening. Luckily for the way this Halasan Bazar video is cut together, the creepyness is dimmed by the song's psychedelic drone, turning all of the footage into a montage that is easy to get lost in and not question. Honestly, in some ways, this video is like pre-dated Odd Future hijinks, put out on an eerier scale.

Watch the clip above, which was edited together by Halasan's drummer, Henry The Rabbit. Both have tapes out on Moon Glyph now.