Homesick #9: White Lung, “Saint Dad”

Performance Video visionaries open our minds once again to a new space that punk has never explored. A few weeks ago it was a muddy junkyard set to cars being compacted in the background. On the surface their video with Vancouver's White Lung looks tame, a golden field in Boise, ID. You can see for miles with only rows of telephone lines obscuring the silhouette of a distant mountain range.

What makes this punk? The band and crew are on a military base. After hopping a fence, no small task considering the gear, they set up on the base and hammered out a run of "Saint Dad" before the jeeps could discover them. The jeeps never came, but after crossing the fence everyone's phone shut off. Just. Like. That.

White Lung's Sorry LP is out now.

White Lung is wrapping up its spring tour:

02 Portland, OR – Holocene w/ METZ
03 Vancouver, BC – The Biltmore w/ METZ
14 Toronto, ON – NXNE
15 Toronto, ON – NXNE
20 Chicago, IL – Pitchfork Festival