I Am The Polish Army, "David Bowie"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Brooklyn’s hard rock trio I Am The Polish Army – comprised of Emma DeCorsey, Turner Stough, and Eric Kuby – are back at it with an incredible new music video for their track “David Bowie”. A song written “in a quick spell of inspiration” on January 12th of last year, it deserved nothing less than an intensely beautiful video. And that’s what it is. We’ve got your exclusive first look.
Pops of vivid colors in stark contrast to each other – like those Bowie has always been known for – are paired with interesting and vibrant style choices, subtle nods to the man of the hour in each scene. Because Director Dave Rubin is primarily a photographer, the video was shot to look like an array of photos with said nods to Bowie. But the result of the U.S. presidential election brought it into a slightly different direction, utilizing choreographer/costume designer Stephanie Sleeper’s talents to create a feminine version of The Man Who Feel to Earth.
Note: Look for references to someone about to take office in the U.S. in the villain.
My Old Man  is coming out March 31st.